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Timm V
12 September 2014 @ 06:33 am
I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK! But like, in a 'was-I-ever-really-gone" kinda way?!?!

So, LiveJournal... How you been? How've the fandoms been treatin' ya? Good, I hope. Life for me has been crazy, but I'm sure you don't want to hear me rant and rave about that. Just know, NEW WORKS ARE COMING!!! So, sit back, grab some snacks, buckle yourself in and prepare to have your feels shook like The Doctor trying to land the Tardis. (Did I just make a Dr. Who reference? I did, I did!)

So, tiny update;

Fandoms I am currently involved with: SPN RPS/J2, Jyler (TVD), Sterek (Teen Wolf)... Other's I tend to just dabble in, or I use to dabble in, but these are my main squeezes.

So, to end this, if you see this, and you remember me. PLEASE, DROP ME A LINE!!
*smishes you all*
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Timm V
03 January 2012 @ 01:02 pm
guess what I did? come on, just guess. FINE, I'll tell you! I just signed up for...


Isn't like grand? LoL! Well, I don't know about life, but I'm really fuckin' happy right now!!! And, while my fic is going to be Jyler, they also allow other fandoms so... All of my SPN friends - actually, EVERYONE! - any fandom is allowed, as long as the fic is about werewolves!!! Even RPS is allowed, so like, what's stopping you?

Well, after I get my e-mail back about my question... I can begin plotting out ideas!!! ♥

THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. LIKE, AT ALL. So.... Uhm... *cough*
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Timm V
29 December 2011 @ 05:41 am
Name three things you can’t live without.

My three things would have to be; Music, Internet and Movies.
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Timm V

Title: you are the moon that breaks the night for which i have to howl
Author: crying_soilder
Pairing/Characters: Jyler: Jeremy Gilbert/Tyler Lockwood. Also featuring appearances by Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert and Carolina Forbes. Mentions of Damon Salvatore.
Rating: NC17
Word count: 10k exactly.

Summary: Tyler finds his ancestors journal, and after verifying it through the Salvatores, he leans that if he can find his mate he won't have to phase anymore during the full moon. Jeremy Gilbert is his mate.

A/N: I've had this fic beta'd three times - First, by the lovely black_phoenix and then, by the talented run_with_rain And then, finally by killer_kida, my love. We went over it line by line, and she really helped me kick this fic into shape. I'd like to thank them all, but especially my lovely Keed! ♥ Also, any remaning mistakes are my own. And if you notice any that are just killing you, please let me know so I can fix them! =)

A/N 2: The title of this fic, along with the inspiration behind it, comes from Florence + The Machine's 'Howl'. I highly recomend the song if you have not had a chance to listen to it.


you are the moon that breaks the night for which i have to howlCollapse )
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Timm V
Ugh. I really need to be editing my fic so that I can send it back to the beta for a second look, but I'm just not in the mood. I also should be working on the sequel to the fic I should be editing, but I can't find the right song. I always put one song on repeat and that's what I write to, cause I can't afford for a mood change. And, well, I wrote to Florence + The Machine's "Howl" and while I will be listening to that while I edit, I can't find a song to listen to to put me in the right mood for the sequel. I just feel so blah... And pessimistic... And pissed off... I know I'm looking for another Florence song, I just haven't found it yet. I have both their albums, but still, nothing's struck me as 'right' just yet. I know I'll get there, I just know it. (Is that optimism I smell? Why, yes. It is!)

I also need new user pics and while I don't mind using other peoples, I prefer to make my own, but I just don't feel like making any, or, I don't have any inspiration to... Ugh. I'm afraid if I try to make anything while I'm not 'feeling it' I'll just produce crap or, worse, I'll put myself further in a block. *headdesk* :(

Hopefully this passes soon. *pleads to muse*

edit: I found the Florence + The Machine song I'm going to write the sequel too! *wipes brow* Thank fuck! :) Now, that being said... If only I had the motivation to write...
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Timm V
14 November 2011 @ 04:29 am
Who pays on a first date?

In my opinion, whom ever initiated the date. If I asked you out, I'll pay. If you asked me out, you pay.
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Timm V
I'm about to go to bed, but I thought I'd post here that way I don't feel like I'm neglecting my LJ.

Random Thought: I think, when I wake up, I'll cap some parts of The Vampire Diaries and make some icons! Maybe... It depends on how I feel once I wake up.

About Fic: I've finished it and the beta just sent it back to me. Once I go through and make some changes, I'll send it back to her, and then when I get it back, hopefully it'll be ready for posting! I can't wait. My first Jyler fic, but not only that. It's my first fic in, maybeIthinkprobably, three years! And it's over 9,000 words. And I've got ideas for a sequel. So...

Post Title: They're lyrics, from "Renegade" by Paramore. A GREAT SONG. You should definitely CHECK! IT! OUT!

Repeat: Did you see the post about my new mood theme. It's the shit!!! Enjoy it. I know I will.

Food: I'm obsessed with Chips & Dip right now. I love dunking my Doritos into some Jalapeno & Cheddar Dip... It's so yummy. So yummy in fact that I need to STOP eating it because I know I'm putting on weight, and that's not good. At all. But, besides the junk. Last night I had the most yummiest thing EVER! It's my new favorite food (followed closely by Chicken Tacos.) It's Chicken, chopped into bite size pieces, with some green bell peppers and onions diced up together. Then, you cook it all down in some tomato sauce and serve over white rice. It was TOO. DIE. FOR. Or, well... At least to kick some ass over! *nods*

And this concludes this rant. Good night! ♥
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Timm V
I. Has. A. New. Mood. Theme! *does the mood theme dance* WOOT!

It's made by the very talented heimweh26. I know it had to haven taken her, like, forever. Not only because it's 132 tiny pics (and as I know what it's like to edit graphics, it can be a pain to do 30 icons, so doing 132 icon-ish sized pics is a pain) but because it's 132 animated pics! Which is just insanely awesome!!! I *squee* I swear, right now she is my hero! I'm totally gonna start posting on LiveJournal again with really insanse moods just so I can have a chance to use them all! LoL! ♥

And I have to give thanks to the lovely snubbly, because without her amazing tutorial, putting this mood theme up would have been a bitch. But, because of her awesomeness, it wasn't!!! ♥

Now, to go and add credit on my profile... ♥
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Timm V
Okay, so... I don't really have a good track record when it comes to LiveJournal these past few months (*cough* years *cough*). I'd like to pass the blame, but... It's really me. I use to be here for fic (and my lovely bb's) and then I just kinda drifted, poking in every now and again. Mainly I stopped coming here so often cause it had taken over my life, but then I fixed that. But even then I didn't come back fully (I'm not sure I ever will). I have to say it's because I fell out of love with the reason I was here; Supernatural. During season 4, I could feel my interest waning, but I powered on. But now, here we are on season 7 (woot!) and I'm just not as interested in it anymore. That's not saying I hate the show. I don't. I never could. I love Supernatural, or what it use to be. Don't get me wrong, one day I may watch the series again (whether it's on DVD or it's still going strong on The CW) but as of now, in this moment, it doesn't interest me anymore.


I have a few new loves to get me by. True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Glee (but sadly this will be my last season with it as they're getting rid of some of my favorite characters), 2 Broke Girls, GossipGirl, Ringer, The Secret Circle... You see where I'm going.

I realize just because Supernatural and I aren't getting along right now, doesn't mean I can't be here.

And to celebrate my light bulb moment - !!!!! - I have a new fic on the way. All my SPN friends might not like it, but maybe, some of you have learned to like different fandoms and whatnot. So, after it's beta'd, I'll be posting a new Jyler fic - Jeremy/Tyler, from The Vampire Diaries. It's around 9.5k long (my longest solo (posted) fic and I cannot wait to get some feedback on it. I enjoyed writing it, just writing in general was amazing, but I am really addicted to the pairing, so... Anyway, I'll be posting it here in a few days time and while I may not get a lot of comments from my old friends, I would like for you guys to comment here, so we can get back in touch!! I still write J2 & Wincest, just not as much. I have a J2 AU almost finished right now, so you can be looking out for that soon!

Much love; ♥♥♥

also, the title of this entry is the title of my new fic. just thought i'd share that with you!

ETA: Fic is posted on my journal, so, if you'd like, go have a read! (=
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Timm V
30 May 2011 @ 06:19 pm
In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?


That pretty much sums it up! ;)
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